Top 3 Alternatives to Lattice One-on-One Meeting Software

Lattice is a popular performance management and employee engagement software. And many startups and fortune 500 companies use it to measure, understand their employees’ performance, and keep them engaged.

Among its powerful features, Lattice also has a one-on-one meeting software built out to help managers & their reports collaborate on an agenda every week.

Looking for Lattice alternatives is not an easy task. Not because there aren’t enough options, but because managers are looking for one-on-one meeting software that doesn’t enforce a particular method of having one-on-ones and makes the note-taking features as flexible as Google docs.

Alternatives to Lattice provide innumerable benefits ranging from lower costs, superior flexibility, easy setup with more powerful features to enhance the one-on-one meeting experience.

If you give an alternative a chance, and you’ll discover Lattice one-on-one meeting software as an inferior one-on-one meeting tool in numerous ways.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should look for alternatives to Lattice one-on-one meeting tool and explore the top 3 alternatives to lattice one-on-one meeting software.

This article will cover: 

Let’s get started!

Why look for alternatives to Lattice one-on-one meeting tool?

Lattice is no flexible nor ideal tool, at least for most managers. Here’s why:

1. Enforces how often one-on-one with direct reports should occur

With Lattice, “managers & their reports collaborate on agenda every week.” But not all managers have the capacity to conduct one-on-one meetings every week. For example, on the Zumvie slack community, a survey was carried out with over 30 engineering managers on how often they have one-on-one meetings with each of their direct reports. The results, as shown below, clearly states it varies depending on the company, team, and a lot of other factors. 

2. Set up and pricing

You can’t get Lattice one-on-one meeting software as a single application. To get it, you will have to get a full Lattice subscription to get the one-on-one software. 

With the high pricing of $9 per user, looking for a one-on-one tool and needing to pay for the entire Lattice software wouldn’t be worth it. 

Our Top 3 alternatives to Lattice one-on-one meeting software

1. Zumvie – On Jira and a Standalone App

With Zumvie, managers, and teams who use Jira will find it easy to use Zumvie as they don’t have to adopt an entirely new tool which might cause tool fatigue (issues with adopting new tools) when looking for a one-on-one meeting software. 

Unlike Lattice one-on-one meeting software, Zumvie doesn’t enforce a particular structure/way of having one-on-ones. Instead, managing one-on-ones with Zumvie gives you the freedom to conduct these meetings the way you want. 

The Zumvie one-on-one meeting software features a note-taking feature basically like an enhanced Google Doc, with other powerful features to the one-on-one meeting experience.

These Zumvie powerful features include: 

  • A feature to create and store “Private notes” for each one-on-one meeting conversation.
  • The ability to collect “Agenda Items” to be discussed during the next one-on-ones – with a Slackbot to remind both parties to submit agenda items before each meeting.
  • A feature to indicate “Follow-up items” to be discussed in the next one-on-one and pin the most important ones.
  • A feature to create a neat to-do list of “Action items.” 
  • And a “Meeting history log” showing an overview of the past meetings to give managers context of each conversation.

Zumvie is constantly evolving, and there’s much more to it, so if you use Jira, start a trial now! if not check out the standalone app for free.

Zumvie pricing

  • On the Atlassian marketplace, Zumvie’s pricing is $2.50 per user and $10 for the whole team for teams with less than 10 people.
  • The Zumvie standalone app is FREE

2. one-on-one meeting software empowers managers and their teams to:

  • Collaborate on meeting agenda before every one-on-one
  • Centralize all action items from different one-on-one meetings in one personal to-do list
  • Assign clear action items and takeaways at the end of each meeting
  • Keep track of work interactions and feedback over time

Though one-on-one meeting software is a feature of the software, its setup and pricing are not the same as Lattice. It takes a few minutes to set up with straightforward pricing.

You can power your one-on-one conversations with Fellow’s suggested templates and suggested topics features to make your meetings more effective. key features

  • Notifications about upcoming one-on-one meetings
  • Private notes section
  • Templates
  • Smart topics and question suggestions
  • To-list
  • Action items pricing

Fellow is free for teams of less than 10 users wanting to try it out with a paid Pro subscription of $5 per user to access more features.

3. Peoplebox

Peoplebox’s one-on-one meeting feature helps you build great relationships with your teams through a culture of meaningful and actionable one-on-one meetings. 

Peoplebox integrates seamlessly with your calendar to help you schedule one-on-one meetings with anyone.

What makes Peoplebox a great alternative to Lattice is its AI coach that helps add relevant talking points to your one-on-ones to help resolve the problems of the report.

Peoplebox Key Features

  • Personalized talking points
  • Collaborate on agenda and notes
  • Record Meeting Notes
  • Make it action-oriented
  • Set Reminders
  • Organize Your Ideas
  • Calendar Integration
  • Track 1:1 Culture

Peoplebox pricing

Peoplebox’s pricing starts at $7 per user per month.

Test the waters beyond Lattice

When thinking about a Lattice one-on-one meeting software alternative, consider three factors about your one-on-ones.

One, your preferred frequency of having one-on-ones.

Two, cost of tool per user(reports).

And three, the importance of tool fatigue.

A way better and more flexible software like Lattice, such as Zumvie, gives you more capabilities than Lattice to improve the one-on-one meeting experience.

Zumvie It’s an all-in-one one-on-one solution. If you want to choose the best Lattice alternative available, start a trial now!

Written by Divine Odazie

December 2, 2021

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