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An app to make 1:1’s with your direct reports more effective

100% free to use. A perfect upgrade to simple note taking tools. Built for engineering leaders. Designed with full flexibility but powerful features to enhance your 1:1’s and make you a more effective engineering leader!


Make your 1:1’s more effective with Zumvie: free to use!

Retain & mentor

Give the attention each of your direct reports deserve! Quickly understand the context of what has been discussed before and what needs to be discussed next.

Be a more effective leader

Log your 1:1’s to see progress with each of your direct reports and perform advanced search of your notes when you need to give precise and valuable feedback.

Full flexibility & customization

No matter how you do 1:1’s, you will be able to do it on Zumvie without changing the structure of your 1:1’s. You stay in control over how you do your meetings and we will enhance them!

Zumvie is free to useĀ 

One conversations, many touch points.

At Zumvie, we understand that 1:1’s between a manager and a direct report is like one ongoing conversation split into many 30-min touch points. This is why we built powerful features to make you quickly understand what has been discussed before and what you need to discuss next!

Your meetings, your way.

Zumvie provides full flexibility over how you do 1:1’s and we simply enhance your meetings with powerful automation to save you time and make sure you always know where the conversation is at!

Always evolving!

We always welcome and encourage feedback from our users to make product improvements. This means you get to influence what we build next!

It takes 3 seconds to signup and play around with the tool to see all the features!