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Hey IoTFlows team 👋 Thoughts on this type of demo? 👇

You must have questions…so here are the answers!

1. How did you make it?

We were able to make the above demo using some fancy tech, but it’s not something you would be able to share outside of your team. For one, it’s buggy and the sessions don’t reset. This means that whatever someone does on the above demo stays there for the next person to see.

To fix both of those, you’d need to make the full integration to have this bug-free and let each user start their session with a fresh view with no marks from other users.

2. How long would the full integration take?

One developer from your team will have to spend anywhere from 4-16 hours creating the technical integration.

3. What can we do with this?

A lot! You can embed your demos on any landing pages, blog posts or send potential prospects links to clickable demos. You will be able to specify a lot of the details inside of your demos via a no-code panel.

Let’s speak!