You can request a walkthrough of the app below, watch the video below or use the documentation on this page!

Installing the Zumvie app

To install the app, please head to our Atlassian Marketplace listing and install it from there.

In case the app is already installed in your organization, you can access it from the drop-down at the top Jira navigation:

Starting a team

To start a team, please click on the “create a team” button.

Once you have created a team and added your team members to it, click on their names to see the 1:1 notes with them!

Creating notes

The notes between you and a person are fully private and no one else will have access to them.

The text editor has the full flexibility to make whatever notes you want:

The widget

Your notes are enhanced by the small widget on the left side:

The widget opens discussion items structured in various tabs.

Moving items to the notes

Any of the discussion items can be moved to the notes by clicking this button:

Making notes under items

Once your items are inside the notes, you can make notes specific to the item inside of the not taking block:

Every note that you make under an item will show up in both, the notes history (together with all other notes you make at the given meeting), as well as under the item.

You can see all notes that are under an item, by clicking on it:

The tabs

Let’s look at the actual tabs and how they are intended to be used.

Agenda items

Agenda items are discussion points for the meeting. Both you and the direct report can submit them. We are working on a Slack bot to remind both parties to submit them a day or two before the meeting.


Follow-ups are not direct discussion points like agenda items, but more like things to note down to touch base on in the future. These can be scheduled reviews or simply things that the direct report has mentioned during the meeting.

You can pin these items if they are extra important:

Actions items

Action items are what they sound like: you can make todos from your 1:1’s and we will show them on the team overview page.

You can access it on the sidebar:

Private notes

This is a place to leave some notes that are only visible to you and not the direct report.

Ending a meeting & historic log of meetings

To end a meeting, click on the blue button under the meeting notes:

All of the notes that you made during the meeting will be added to the bottom of the meeting notes view.

Once the meeting has been ended, the text editor will become empty: it’s ready for your next 1:1 with the given direct report!

All of your historic notes are searchable for specific keywords.