Manage 1:1’s with your developers directly from Jira.

The best 1:1 meeting tool built directly on Jira for Engineering Managers.

The most powerful 1:1 meeting software for engineering leaders

Always know what to discuss

Prepare for your meetings in a minute or less. Understand the historical context of the conversation in seconds and always know the right things to discuss next.

Perfect replacement for Google Docs

Powerful automations saving you time on every 1:1. Don’t adapt a new tool, easily accessible directly from Jira.

Action item workflows

Don’t just make action items from your 1:1’s, put reminders on them and remind yourself on preparation tasks for each meting.

Powerful enhancements to flexible notes

Zumvie provides you with the full flexibility of a note taking app to make the notes you want in the way you want. We will enhance them with powerful functions, such as agenda items, follow ups for recurring discussing themes, action items, privates notes and much more.

Retain your developers by always discussing the right things

Zumvie gives a frictionless way for developers to submit their agenda items for the discussion. You can set important or recurring themes as follow-up items and pin it if it’s extra important.

Zumvie is a Jira addon for 1:1 meetings

Don’t ask your team to adapt a new tool, but add the cost effective Zumvie Jira addon instead.

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